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O-Zone Late Night: No answers Sunday

Posted Oct 27, 2013

LONDON – Let’s get to it . . .

Eric from Boston:
Not having the ability to get off the field on third-and-long is unbelievable. I am not sure I have seen a Jaguars team since ‘95 that is as bad as this team is in this area of the game. Extremely frustrating.
John: Yes, it is. The trend of long drives allowed at the start of games was a major concern for Gus Bradley after the game Sunday. He said a lot of the coaches’ work in the bye week will be about figuring out why San Diego could drive 80, 80 and 79 yards to start that game last week and why San Francisco could turn in four similar drives in the first half Sunday. Bradley said the team may need to scale back and simplify some things defensively after the bye. Whatever the approach, it’s a priority.
Matt from Maidstone, England:
I just wanted to say how much the fans in the UK appreciate the opportunity to get the watch the Jags live. After following the team for 10 years, to get this opportunity is amazing. I hope the guys that were at the fan rally and Union Jax event Saturday got to see how much this means to the UK Jags fans. #nfluk
John: We’ll answer this one off-field oriented question in Ozone Late Night, and then answer a few in Monday morning’s Ozone. We met many fans who felt the same way you did. It was a memorable experience for all that was somewhat subdued by the final score, not totally. This team has some very passionate fans in the UK and surrounding countries, and to get a chance for those fans to experience the team and the team to experience those fans was memorable.
Troy from York, PA:
I hate to talk negative, but I just don't understand how this defense can play so bad week in and week out and especially against the 49ers being that Gus coached against them in Seattle.
John: Knowing what might be coming and being able to stop it are not the same thing.
Dan from Jacksonville:
So John, does Stanzi start next week?
John: The Jaguars are off next week.
Sean from Jacksonville:
Will the Jags spend a few extra days in London since they have a bye-week following the London game? Or will they fly right back to Jacksonville?
John: The team will return to Jacksonville Monday.
Stan from Jacksonville:
Halfway there! 0-16. Definitely.
John: No.
Michael from Middleburg, FL:
So they are awful at home, even when "home" is London. This team is going 0-16. They won't even play a close game all year.
John: Yes, they will. The first half of the season from the start was going to be very, very difficult. You had five games outside of the time zone – Denver, London, St. Louis, Seattle and Oakland – and five of the first opponents were among the best teams in the NFL: Indianapolis, Seattle, San Francisco, Kansas City and Denver. That’s not saying anything about the first half was good. It’s also not saying the Jaguars are good, or that they will be anyone’s definition of good in the second half of the season. But they have a chance to compete in games the second half of the year. The last two weeks they have not played well at all. Maybe it’s the early schedule or just wearing down by probably not being as talented as the teams they’re playing. Whatever, it’s a good time for a bye week, and I’d imagine they’ll come out playing better than they went in.
Scott from Gilbert, AZ:
Not utilizing every opportunity to make your team better each and every year, not bringing in competition at the quarterback position, and alienating fans on two continents is "silly." There is no law against being active in free-agency your first year. There were quarterbacks available both in free agency and the draft that were better than what we had on the roster, and while Jag fans in the US could see what was coming; Jag fans at Wimbley on Sunday should demand their money back.
John: Scott, I get that you think that. I get that many think that, because I get that sentiment every day in the inbox. I also get that the struggles of this season make it a very easy argument that the Jaguars should have done more in free agency this offseason. That’s not the plan. The plan was to start building a young foundation with a couple of draft classes then start supplementing that with free agents. A lot of teams would do that if they could. A lot of teams don’t have the support of ownership to do it that way. The Jaguars do have the support of ownership, so that’s the plan. Maybe it will work and maybe it won’t. In sports, the best-laid plans don’t always work. But this plan gives them a long-term chance.
Kris from Copenhagen:
I will say it: you are totally right neither Henne or Gabbert are the answer but let’s be fair did you see anything in this game that looks like the answer?
John: Not Sunday, no.


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